"Līči" owner Jānis Urbāns has collected an impressive old things collection.

Address: Līči, Bikstu pagasts

Phone number: +371 26541284

Working time: Visits must be arranged in advance.

Jānis Urbāns, the owner of “Līči”, has created a collection of antiques and displayed it in a designated two-storey maisonette. He has a fascinating story to tell about each item of his collection. The museum holds an impressive collection of tools and gear – antique reaping machines, ploughs, sowing machines, harrows, skidders, axes, scales, irons, keys, knives, etc. Ladies will appreciate the sewing machines from Ulmanis’ times, lamps and clocks.

The hostess will be happy to show her beautiful flower garden. Children will be interested in getting to know the calves raised on the farm.

The museum gladly welcomes students, youngsters, history lovers and families that wish to learn how to use ancient tools.