Zebrus Lake neighborhood thrilled with hilly landscape and the road twists.

Address: Dobele County


Vicinity of Lake Zebrus will surprise with hilly landscape and winding roads. This is not a landscape typical for Zemgale, because the road winds over rampart hills and this requires certain physical effort. If the travelling is under guidance of tour guide the route discovers the cyclists different cult and legend sites in the vicinity of Lake Zebrus, as well as allows to spend an active day outdoors. It is recommended to plan the start of the route in any of the recreation bases of Lake Zebrus or in Biksti, where a lunch break can be organized in roadside cafe. The route may be extended to Pokaiņi forest, but road section to Krievkalnu rampart will be especially landscaping, however - power consuming.

  1. Lake Zebrus is geographically located in the highland of Eastern Kursa. Its space is 412 ha, maximum depth - 4,2m. Writer Kārlis Ieviņš has called Lake Zebrus a legend lake with the life magic of free Latvians shining in its coasts. The lake is managed by the state stock company "Latvijas Valsts meži". Eastern coast of the lake is more available, and several recreation bases, campings and swimming places are established on the coasts of the lake.
  2. Lake Svētes is a pleasant place of recreation for people preferring quietness and beautiful, unaffected nature. It is located near Lake Zebrus, separated from it by Elku hill and the 0,5 km wide Zebrus swamp.
  3. Zebrene Elku hill is an approximately 20 m high located between Lake Zebrus and Lake Svēte. This has been the central cult site of semigallians. Especially wide diversity and luxuriance of plants is noticeable on Elku hill. It is covered by forest of broad - leaved trees.
  4. Slagūne graveyard. Kin of the owners of Slagūne manor Netelhorsts and local people are buried there. This graveyard has been described by Kārlis Ieviņš in the book "By the legend lake".
  5. Former Slagūne school. In the 30-ies of the 20th century the writer Kārlis Ieviņš spent his summers in Slagūne school built of red bricks. Here starts the territory, where drills were carried out at the end of the 80-ies to explore possibilities of construction of Dobele gas storage facility.
  6. Ezerlūķu Castle mound. Approximately 30 m high castle mound are located on the eastern coast of Lake Zebrus. Castle of ancient Latvians was built on the castle mound. Legends tell about Priesteru road - stony shallow heading from Elku hill over the lake all the way to Ezerlūķu Castle mound.
  7. The Great Vipēdis. The small lake is hiding in a woody vicinity. Coasts of the lake are swampy, therefore swimming and fishing is possible from footbridges only. Boat rent and camping sites are available.
  8. Krievkalni. The long rampart of Krievkalni grown with forests is considered a unique shape of relief. The highest  point is at 149 m above sea level. The top's form is of steep crest of a roof, and a panoramic view to the woody territories of Zemgale opens from there. Recreation site of state stock  company  "Latvijas valsts meži" has been established here.
  9. Lake Sesava is charming with its beautiful landscape and peace. Recreation site of state stock company "Latvijas Valsts meži " has been established here.
  10. Pokaiņi forest. Unusual stone rivers, stackings and ramparts have caused fantastic guessworks and conflicting assumptions. Pokaiņi is considered an energetically powerful place. One of the probabilities - once upon a time there has been a sacred site here. Forest is also attractivewith a variable relief and landscaping. The walkways several kilometers long connect the main sightseeing objects. Only the most necessary development works have been carried out in the forest in order to retain the forest as unaffected as possible.