Pokaiņi Forest is the most mysterious place in Latvia.
Object category
Nature Sights

Address: Naudītes pagasts, Dobeles novads

Phone number: +371 26392564

E-mail: pokainumezs@lvm.lv

Home page: http://www.mammadaba.lv/galamerki/pokainu-mezs


Working time

9.00 - 17.00

Entrance fees

Entrance fees: 

  • adults - 2.50 EUR
  • children - 2 EUR
  • full-time students, senior citizens - 2 EUR
  • up to 7-year-old children, special boarding school and orphanage students – free admission.


Vehicle entrance fees:

  • Cars – 2 EUR
  • Bus ride on "Loka ceļš" – 5 EUR
  • Visitor welcome at "Trijstūris" – 1.50 EUR


Pokaiņi Forest is the most mysterious place in Latvia, also called “the X-files” of Latvia.  Pokaiņi Forest even boasts the name - Latvian Stonehenge.

The stone rivers, stone piles, walls and peculiar solitary stones have given rise to fantastic explanations and contradictory assumptions. One of the viewpoints is that this place was once an ancient sacred place. Pokaiņi is viewed as a place with a very strong energetic field, which is why lots of people come to Pokaiņi in hope of recovering their health. This site is also appealing with its tranquillity, variable terrain and scenic beauty, criss-crossed with long footpaths, which connect the main attractions.