Adress: Brīvības iela 2c, Dobele, Dobeles novads, LV-3701
T. +371 22027275 - Dobeles Pils kase; T. +371 28011880 - Dobeles Pils gids
Livonian Order Castle Ruins and Dobele Castle Complex
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Dobele city

Adrese: Brīvības iela 2c, Dobele, Dobeles novads, LV-3701
Tālrunis: T. +371 22027275 - Dobeles Pils kase; T. +371 28011880 - Dobeles Pils gids
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The castle was built in the mid-14th century and was inhabited until 1730. Most of the mighty stone walls have survived to this day. In 2020, the rebuilt castle chapel building was put into operation, which has become a multifunctional cultural , crafts and tourism development centre under the designation "Dobele Castle". The castle exposition gives the visitors an insight into the history of the archaeological research of the hillfort, the pre-history of the area surrounding Dobele, its subordination to the Livonian Order, and Dobele as part of the Dutchy of Courland and Semigallia. Furthermore, it reveals legends and stories about the Dobele Castle.

Worth mentioning is the fact that in 2020, it was the top winner at the competition “Best Building 2020” in the category “Restoration”. Its architectural solutions, the content of the exposition, its open-air exposition, more specifically, the garden of medicinal plants, and the wide range of cultural and entertainment activities have allowed the Dobele Castle to become one of the most important tourist attractions on the map of Zemgale region.

Guided tours are offered for groups.