The springs are often also called “the King’s Springs”.The individual springs come out of a stone wall, merge and in the form of a large stream flow away through a small ditch into the forest.
Object category
Nature Sights

Address: Vītiņi parish


Seven springs coming out from the 4 m deep and 6 m wide glen flow together, making one stream. The water from each spring tastes differently and cures certain illnesses. As the legend goes, during the Great Northern war, Latvian seers cured Carl XII, the King of Sweden, with water from these springs, while the educated court doctors could not help. Therefore the springs are called the King's Springs, and their water is said to have healing qualities. The healers are sure that this place itself radiates positive energy.

There are stone steps and a small bridge at the springs. A little further there is a facilitated resting area with a table and bench, and a trash bin.