Three oaks in front of the old Bērzmuiža elementary school were planted on occation Kārlis Ulmanis 60th birthday on 4 September 1937.
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Nature Sights

Address: Bērze, Bērzes pagasts


Oak for Latvians is testimony of love for fatherland. Oak is symbol of Latvia.According to eyewitness stories, State president  Kārlis Ulmanis planted himself the oak, which is the front of his classroom window. The mighty oak is 80 years old now. According to nature researcher Gunta Eniņa measurement, it has reached height of 17 m, girth – 2.60 m

Old elementary school of Bērzmuiža is one of the largest buildings built specially for the needs of the school in 19th century. Kārlis Ulmanis attended this school for three years from 1886 to 1889.

Currently, no studies take place in this school. The old building can only be viewed from the outside.