Everyone is welcome to visit the garden of beautiful and practical ideas.
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Nature Sights Dobele city

Address: Liepu street 5, Dobele

Phone number: +371 26541868, +371 29258709

E-mail: paitone@inbox.lv

Price: by donations

Working time: Visitors are welcomed to inform about their visits in advance

“Even in our wildest dreams we could not imagine that we will create such a beautiful garden from the jungle that it was 10 years ago!” says the hostess Līga Beņķe. The breathtaking oasis has been created together with her partner Aivars. The couple gladly gives advice and shares their valuable experience with their visitors on how to create a garden in a city.

The lush flower beds and wide collection of evergreens are pleasing to the eye all year long.  The vegetable garden and greenhouses can be found behind the house. An original grill that also serves as a meat smoker is worthy of noting. One will also find an outdoor kitchen in which the hostess makes preserved and marinated treats. During tourist group visits the garden hosts different local domestic producers that present their production for tasting, such as “Pitas” blends of powdered herbs and spices, sundried berries and fruit.