The church was built in 1495 of the order of Valter fon Pletenberg, Master of the Livonian Order.
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Address: Baznīcas iela 1, Dobele

Phone number: +371 26430548


The Dobele Evangelical Lutheran Church is situated in the town centre next to the Marketplace. The church was built in 1495 of the order of Valter fon Pletenberg, Master of the Livonian Order.

The church has been rebuilt for several times. The main vertical line in Dobele skyline is the 45 m high bell-tower of the church.  The current steeple was designed in 1907. The steeple got its present look in 1907. A year later, in 1908, an assembler arrived from Berlin and installed a clock from Germany.
There is a motto inscribed on the bell:”Awaken. Encourage. Comfort.”

The church is a home for unique artistic works:

the altar piece “Golgotha” produced by H. Kiepert as a copy from the original altar piece by K. Arnoldi (1864) located in Kandava Lutheran Church,
the epitaph by B. Bodeker dedicated to Philip Drachenfels (turn of the 16th/17th century),
the grave plate for Anna Dorothea von Tiesenhausen (1648),
base of a font (18th century),
the memorial plaque for the parish members killed in First World War and Latvian Liberation Battles (1925).