The 2 km peaks of hillocks of Dobe hills form the castle mound of Mežakalns and Incēni, they are separated by the glen of the river Avīkne and the road from Kokmuiža to Lielauce.

Address: Kokmuiža, Vītiņu pagasts

The castle mound of Incēni is situated not far from Kokmuiža on the right bank of river Avīkne. The castle mound has been laid out by artificially banking and making the castle mound of almost quadrangular form with unusually steep sides in the southern-west southern part in the height of about 7m. The ancient town has been found in the eastern part that is proved by the thick archaeological layer with findings of chippings and antiquities. In written sources the castle mound was first mentioned in the Bisection agreement of Zemgale in 1272. The odds are that the castle mound of Incēni (Dobe) has been the ancient centre of the castle region and the main fortification of Dobe.

Earnest Brastin investigated the castle mound in 1923. He was sure that the castle of Sidrabene had been situated there.