Execution deadline in working days
Private law legal person
Receiving restrictions

An authorisation shall be granted for the production of wine, fermented beverages or other alcoholic beverages produced from the products obtained in the gardens and apiaries of their own ownership or plants growing in the wild, without the use of alcohol or other alcoholic beverages produced.

Process description

  1. Service requests
    A merchant shall submit a submission form and copies of a document certifying the right of use of the production site in the municipality of Dobeles:
    1. A copy of the document certifying the right to use the land.
    2. A copy of a document certifying the rights of use of premises properties or production site, a plan of premises describing the place of production.
    The submission and the documents attached thereto may also be submitted electronically, to the e-mail address or the official e-address of the local government.
    An electronic document shall be prepared in accordance with the regulatory enactments regarding the drawing up of electronic documents with an electronic signature.

  2. The step
    The local government shall issue a permit or decision regarding the refusal to issue a permit and shall inform the submitter of the application thereof in writing. A permit shall be issued in person (VPVKAC or parish administration), sent by post or by electronic means, in accordance with the instructions referred to in the submission of the applicant.