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The Department of Families shall update - correct, supplement or cancel and update the records of birth, marriage and death and, if necessary, issue a document confirming the registration of civil status records repeatedly.
The civil status registration document is the wrong message, or correction of errors and correcting the register of civil status documents issued by the person on the basis for the entry on the birth, marriage or death certificates.
The civil registration documents padding is the missing message recording register of civil status documents and on the basis for the entry in the declaration by the person.
Cancellation of the civil registration documents shall be carried out if there are two registers on the same facts.
The renewal of the entry of the register of civil status records has been registered in advance, but the re-registration of a civil status deed that has died or disappeared. This service may be received in any division of the family lists in Latvia regardless of the declared place of residence.

Process description

  1. Service requests
    The person concerned or his or her authorised person shall submit a reasoned application for updating or renewing the record of the register of civil status.
    Required documents:
    1. Personal identification document.
    2. A registration document (certificate, statement) attesting the necessity of updating or renewal or confirming the information necessary for updating or updating the register entry indicated by the applicant.
    3. A person's application or an archive statement of the LR TM Department of Chronicles, or an opinion of another family department, or a judgment of a court, or an administrative act.
    4. Registration document (certificate or statement) for civil status acts to be updated.

  2. A service charge
    The national fee to be paid for the service shall be EUR 7.00. The amount of the fee is specified in the BOM Regulation No 906 “Provisions on the State fee for the registration of civil status acts” (see “Other information” - “Regulatory acts”).

  3. Receipt of services
    A certificate or statement shall be issued after updating or renewing the entry of the register.


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