On visiting the native region of Kārlis Ulmanis, you will see historic places, farms and meet kind people.

Address: Dobele County

 The route will be chosen the people interested in history of Latvia and the main stop points of this route  will be Memorial museum of Kārlis Ulmanis "Pikšas", Bērze mill and visitation farm "Lejnieki". While travelling around the native region K. Ulmanis you will familiarize yourselves with country yards of Zemgale, historical sites and active people.Usual landscape of Zemgale is typical for this route - open spaciousness foreseeable far away to the very horizon with separate cluster of forest or country house, fruitful corn fields, yellow blooming rapes, gravel road without any ascents. Plan a rest break by Gaurata lake at the end of the route including swimming and picnic in the resting place. 

  1. Memorial museum of Kārlis Ulmanis "Pikšas" Museum of the family home of the first prime minister of Latvia K. Ulmanis was started off in 1993. It was established as a modern country yard of the 30-ies of the 20th century characterizing  the development  agriculture in Latvia at that time. Exposition is dedicated to the course of life of K. Ulmanis, contribution to the state and political activity.+371 29364230, +371 26670812www.piksas.lv
  2. Bērze mill is a remarkable technical monument, one of the rare still operating mill in Latvia. Here you can familiarize yourselves with corn processing technologies over 100 years old and operating on the power of water. Currently grain is milled and grits and pearl-barley is produced in the mill. Small hydroelectric power station operates nearby. Vicinity of the mill and dam on Bērze are also interesting.+371 26439106 - appointment required  
  3. Vegetable Farm "Saliņas" At least 60 different sorts of tomatoes, sweet peppers, hot peppers, unusual cucumbers, physalises, melons, including kiwano and momordica are but a fraction of what you can discover and buy at the farm managed by the Otikovi family. All the produce is suitable for green thinkers thanks to chemical-free farming. Visitors can go on a tour of the farm, seek advice or buy vegetables. Phone +371 29185540, +371 28458527
  4. Bērze Church has been re - built in the middle of the 19th century to obtain current look. Kārlis Ulmanis has been christened and confirmed there. He presented a bell with dedication on it to the church congregation in 1939. The church was partly destroyed during the World War II, but the local residents saved the bell newly installed in the tower.+371 26764405  
  5. Bērze graveyard Parents and other members of family of Kārlis Ulmanis are buried in Bērze graveyard next to the church. The former president himself wished to lay to rest in Bērze graveyard, too. Unfortunately, he was forced to stay for evermore in a foreign country, in Russia he was deported to in 1942. Since the place of his burial has never been found, a memorial sign was  installed in the graveyard at the beginning of the 90-ies of the 20th century.  
  6. Unusual garden of gloves and wooden sculptures in "Lejnieki" Skaidrīte and Haralds Bauze have arranged a wide and beautiful garden in their country house an the bank of Bērze. It is made interesting by wooden sculptures created by the host. Hostess is one of the most recognizable glove knitters in Latvia, and her collection consists of over 170 pairs of  mittens.+371 63754136, +371 22308565, appointment required  
  7. Gaurata lake is located in the surroundings of beautiful hills and composite forests. Recreation base "Gaurats" has been developed. Boat rent, fishing and campfire places are available. +371 63714163