While travelling around Dobele let us feel the peace and charm of the small town.

Address: Dobele


Dobele is a town pampered by the northen sun. Way along the sun road belong to the small town of Zemgale - Dobele, blooming on the banks of Bērze for 760 years. While travelling around the small town let us discover the historical signs and monuments of the long gone ages, let us feel the peace and charm of the small town.

  1. Livonian Order Castle ruins is the oldest building in Dobele. The mighty masonary castle was built in the place of semigallians' wooden castle by the German crusaders between  1335 and 1347. Castle was populated until 1730, when the roof caved in. Parts of the impressive masonries have been retained until nowadays. In 2002 conservation of the Dobele castle was commenced. Excursions are offered for groups under guidance of attractive castle lady.
  2. Memorial sign for Semigallians in the spot of the ancient city honoursthe memory of semigallians of Dobele. After fierce battle against Livonian Order in 1289 they burnt their castle down and left for Lithuania undefeated. Monument of Dobele liberation located nearby created by the outstanding Latvian sculptor Kārlis Zemdega is rising high over the city. It was discovered for the first time in 1940.The monument was renovated for the donations of the residents of Dobele and solemny discovered for the second time in 1996.
  3. Historical Market Square has been formed in 1495 simultaneously with the construction of church. The square is surrounded by two - storey brick buildings built at the beginning of the 20th century, where the wealthy house owners established stores and hotels. After reconstruction a wide cobbled square was recovered with huge well - fountain worthy of Guiness Book of Records. Dobele Lutheran Church raises its tower next to the square featuring several unique monuments of art. Catholic Church built in 2003 is located on the opposite side of the street, and this church is interesting with its up - to - date architectonic solution.
  4. Dobele Crafts House  is called the workshop of handicraft skills and creative opportunities. It is possible to learn a handicraft here or wisdoms of Latvian cuisine here under leadership of experienced masters, view exibitions of craftsmen works and art. Baznīcas iela 8, Dobele, +371 22049477, +371 63723169
  5. Memorial Ensemble for the victims of communist genocide discovered in 2005 is the biggest memorial sign for the victims of political repressions in Latvia. It stretches over 100 m in length in parallel with the railway track.
  6. Museum of Regional Studies of Dobele offers permanent exibition "Once upon a time in Dobele..." providing insight in the history of Dobele Castle, life and social life of Dobele town until the 40-ies of the 19th century. There is always an exibition offered here. The museum presents also creative workshops and excursions. Brīvības iela 7, Dobele, +371 63721309
  7. Garden of Lilija and Alfrēds Štelmahers on the bank of Bērze is called both a fairy tale and garden of wonders. Stone exposition is complemented by decorative plantings. Arāju iela 18, Dobele,+371 22318001, +371 20047591
  8. Landscape garden of Klūgu family is waiting for visitors next door; the main landscape creator is pond, lawns with beds of decorative plants, and old trees. Liepājas šoseja 21, Dobele, +371 26458290
  9. Ķestermežs with the scenic Bērze winding through it is a very popular walk and recreation site of the residents  of Dobele. Open - air  stage has been built by the river.
  10. Garden of selectionist Pēteris Upītis reaches its beauty peak during  the blooming of lilac. Lilac collection of over 200 different varieties and hybrids is one of the widest in Europe. More information about the life work of the selectionist and his original personality is available in the Memorial museum of P. Upītis. Graudu iela 1, Dobele, +371 63722294, +371 26408655
  11. The Garden of Beautiful and Practical Ideas of Līga and Aivars Beņķi will inspire you and give you great ideas for planning and creating a practical yet beautiful vegetable garden of your own. Liepu Street 5, Dobele, tel.+371 26541868, +371 29258709