Vecauce castle is an architectural monument of national significance and was built from 1842 to 1845 in anglo-saxon neogothic style for the Count Medem. It is surrounded by a well- kept landscape park from the 19th century.

The architecture of Vecauce Manor, which was constructed in the early 19th century in Neo-Gothic style and includes barns, a stable, gardener’s house, landscape park, ponds, and a lime-tree alley, bestows particular charm upon this unhurried and quiet town and subtly reminds us of the unbreakable bond between the former Vecauce Manor and Auce town. Vecauce Castle  was designed by Friedrich August Stüler for Count Carl von Medem. The construction began in 1843 and was completed in 1845.

Vecauce Castle is now a tourist and cultural centre. On the third floor there is a permanent exposition of the history of Vecauce, its owners, the roots of Auce city and the establishment of Vecauce experimental farm in 1921. In the exhibition you can also view reconstructed costumes worn on Latvian territory during the 1980s. It also offers premises for events and banquets, weddings and various family parties.Accommodation available for 18 people,  double rooms with amenities.  The catering is provided by the kitchen of the castle and the food is served from the vegetables, fruits and berries harvested in the own farm.