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The Garden and the Museum of Pēteris Upītis

Graudu iela 1, Dobele
Phone number: 
+ 371 26408655
Working time: 
Working hours of the Lilac Garden :Mon.- Fri. 9.00-17.00 ; Sat., Sun. - closed. The museum is currently closed for visitors

Did you know that Dobele is dubbed the Metropolis of Lilacs? In late May, more than 200 species and hybrids of fragrant lilacs burst into bloom in the lilac garden exceeding 4 hectares.

When the plant breeder Pēteris Upītis started a garden in the outskirts of sunny Dobele in 1957, he dreamed of turning the whole of Latvia into a blooming garden. His efforts are now successfully continued by the scientists of the Horticulture Institute. The garden of 45 hectares contains more than 5,000 species and hybrids of fruit plant crops. Tasting and gathering sweet cherries in early July as well as the Apple Festival in early October are genuinely mouth-watering events. However, the garden is available for tours all-year-around.

The founder of the Lilac Garden is Peteris Upitis, a selectionist (1896 – 1976), therefore the garden is often called the Upitis’ Garden. P. Upītis’ Memorial Museum provides an insight into his work and personality.

Entrance fee:

April 15 - October 15

adults - 4 EUR

seniors, school children, disabled people (3rd group) - 3 EUR

school children in class tour - 1 EUR

guide - free of charge

During lilac blossom time: 

adults - 5 EUR, seniors, school children, disabled people (3rd group) - 3 EUR

October 15 -  April 15

adults, seniors, school children, disabled people (3rd group), school children in class tour – free pass

guide - 15 EUR

Free admission: pre-schoolers, boarding school and orphanage students, horticultural school students, disabled people (1.,2. group), teachers who are together with school children group, guides, Latvian museum employees, ICOM (international museum council) members.

Additional services:

wedding ceremony in the garden - 100 EUR

lilac tree planting in the garden - 50 EUR

large gazebo rent for events * - 50 EUR

small gazebo rent for events* - 25 EUR

picnic places - free of charge

fruit and berries tasting - 2 - 5 EUR per person.

* Tourist groups and class tour groups  booking large or small gazebo in advance - free of charge